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PLFRAGRANCES: Jimmy Choo Women's Fragrances (Review)

PLFRAGRANCES: Jimmy Choo Women's Fragrances (Review): by Philippa Lane I love to wear elegant, delicate, and feminine floral fragrances that are enduring with a distinctive, yet...

Sunday, July 24, 2016

Lisa Hoffman Parfum Gift Guide

by Philippa Lane

I believe that the perfect fragrance can really be a signature scent that identifies your own personality and style. My mother loved wearing fragrances that had a grassy, fresh, clean scent, which became her signature style and when I would hug her, I would always smell that fresh scent emanating from her hair. My personal signature style is not a grassy scent, but it is more floral.

Lisa Hoffman is the wife of the famous actor Dustin Hoffman and her company’s headquarters is based in Los Angeles, California. I like Lisa Hoffman’s style and products, especially her perfumes. I received as a gift three fragrances by Lisa Hoffman that I really like a lot and I would like to share with you what I think about them.
Brazilian Begonia:  This is a very feminine, floral fragrance with musk, vanilla, lemon, lime, and amber with exotic Brazilian Begonia. When I applied this fragrance to my wrists, I first smelled the beautiful, flowery scent of Brazilian Begonia as the top note, then I smelled the middle notes of lemon-lime and vanilla, and as I continued to wear fragrance for a few hours, the bottom notes of musk and amber became more apparent. I love to wear this unique fragrance anytime throughout the day, because it is strong, but not overpowering and can be worn both day and night. Size 60 ml.  Price: $65.00                                                       

Madagascar Orchid:  I have never found orchids to be that fragrant, but the Madagascar Orchid has a pleasant and lovely scent. It is a true floral and smells like a beautiful bouquet. It is a unique blend of essential oils of pink peony, ylang dew, jasmine, and mimosa mood. Madagascar Orchid is long lasting, fragrant, and smells like many flowers that have been combined together to exude a fresh, sweet scent. Size 60 ml. Price: $65.00

Tunisian Neroli:  I love this fresh and citrusy fragrance with a strong touch of floral essences. This parfum is lovely combination of fragrant gardenia petals, orange blossom, ylang ylang, and buchu leaf. When I first spray this delightful fragrance, I can instantly smell the gardenia petals and I have always loved the fragrance of gardenia. I also smell the ylang ylang and orange blossom. This fragrance is versatile and can be worn both during the day or evening. It is a very rich, beautiful flowery citrus parfum and it is my favorite of the three that I have tried. Size 60 ml. Price $65.00

There are a variety of Lisa Hoffman Fragrances to choose from, but the aforementioned are my favorites in the collection.

To find out more about Lisa Hoffman Parfums, please visit- www.lisahoffman.com

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